Victoria & Pond Park Primary Schools


Graham’s appointed Stroma Tech for their specialist knowledge of air tightness testing.  Stroma delivered an air tightness seminar to the design team to understand the importance of delivering an air tight building.  The seminar included:

  • Understanding the reasons for including air tightness testing in building regulations
  • What the regulations stipulate
  • Designing and achieving an airtight building
  • Common causes of failure.


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When Victoria primary school was tested, an exceptional figure of 4.76m3/( @50Pa was achieved.  Similarly, Pond Park primary school achieved the equally impressive figure of 4.29m3/( @50Pa.

Stroma has continued to work with Graham on a variety of other schemes, one of which, a retail unit, was tested and achieved 0.9m3/( @50Pa.

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Victoria & Pond Park Primary Schools
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