Sheffield University – New Student Accommodation


Given Stroma’s extensive knowledge and expertise in acoustic consultancy and testing, Caledonian Building Systems appointed us to assist Sheffield University’s new student accommodation block in meeting these new sound insulation requirements.




Acoustic Design Review

Stroma began by carrying out an initial design review of the proposed structural details.  A series of prototype units were then fabricated at Caledonian’s production facility and tests conducted to give an indication of site-based results.  Based on the outcome of these tests, a design was agreed upon that both met Caledonian’s specifications and provided the best chance of compliance.

Acoustic Testing

Throughout the various building phases, our acoustic testing division conducted the programme of airborne and impact sound insulation testing required for compliance with Building Regulations Approved Document Part E.

As predicted following the investigative testing, the final outcome was positive, with every building achieving its target. Given the size of the project, this result was extremely satisfactory as, in the event of any failures, a revised design would have to be rolled out across the development resulting in a knock-on effect on construction budget, timescales and client contract delivery.


New Student Accommodation case study – download

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Sheffield University – New Student Accommodation
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