Safety precautions for work related diseases

Any responsible business owner should take the health and safety of their employees very seriously, and this includes taking steps to reduce the risk of work related diseases.

By neglecting health and safety regulations, not only are you jeopardising the wellbeing of employees and colleagues, but you are also putting yourself at risk of financial loss. Many people suffering from a workplace illness claim against their employer for compensation.

Taking responsibility for your work environment

One of the most common workplace diseases is Asbestosis. This chronic inflammatory disease affects the lung tissue, and puts employees at high risk of cancer. The illness is caused from prolonged exposure to asbestos, often found in any industrial, commercial or residential building that was refurbished before the year 2000.

Another illness that can be traced back to the work environment is Mesothelioma. This form of incurable cancer attacks the lining of vital organs, and again, can be caused from over exposure to asbestos.

Stroma Tech provides thorough accredited asbestos inspections of commercial properties. These include, locating any asbestos containing materials (ACMs), assisting in managing legal requirements, and helping businesses to keep log books and registers.

Business owners or managers must also take into consideration diseases caused by the physical work itself, rather than just the working environment.

Hand arm vibration syndrome is a breakdown of the blood vessels, nerves and joints, resulting in a painful and debilitating disease. It is most common among labourers and construction workers, and hails from the overuse of heavy machinery such as power drills, chainsaws and pneumatic drills.

Many people working on construction sites, or busy factory floors are susceptible to work related hearing loss and industrial deafness or tinnitus. The prolonged exposure to loud machinery can permanently damage the eardrums.

Stroma Tech’s in-house team of chartered health and safety specialists provide full assessments across a variety of industries and subject matters.

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For more information on the health and safety services and risk assessments carried out by Stroma, we offer free telephone consultations. We can help you determine the best precautions for protecting your employees against work related injuries.

Please contact Stroma Tech online, or call us on 0845 621 22 22 to discuss steps towards creating a safe work environment.

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