Remedial Acoustic Stopping

Acoustic performance and sound insulation in buildings is important for the well-being and comfort of its occupants.
Through our sister company, HRS Services, we provide a range of services to help our clients overcome the challenges associated with noise.
Remedial acoustic and noise control solutions
Our consultancy, installation measures and re-testing services deliver remedial acoustic and noise control solutions for enhancing the acoustic performance of your building.
For regulatory compliance, such as Part E of the Building Regulations, we can help to identify the causes and problems that arise from poor sound insulation. For new residential developments, the Building Regulations require that noise disturbances to adjoining properties are minimised.

Remedial Acoustic Stopping Services

We provide our full range of services across new and existing buildings, including commercial, residential and industrial developments:

  • Improving the acoustic performance in residential developments. In particular, apartments and houses with adjoining party walls
  • Reducing reverberation in noise-sensitive environments, such as schools, hospitals and police stations
  • Enhancing sound insulation to reduce the acoustic range in commercial buildings, such as office buildings
  • Minimising noise disturbances in healthcare institutions and medical rooms, where privacy is required

Consultancy and Testing

Our acoustic advisory team provides consultancy services aimed at understanding your acoustic concerns and requirements for your building. We are then able to advise and support you throughout the design, planning, construction and final calculations to maximise acoustic productivity and minimise noise disturbances within your development.
Through testing, we are able to assess the current acoustic performance of your building to identify viable and cost-effective solutions to enhance its performance, such as installing acoustic panels, filling of interstitial voids, or improving existing building elements.

Installation measures

Whether your building is under construction or is currently in-use, our acoustic technicians have the experience of installing effective remedial acoustic measures at any stage. Where access is restricted, we are able to bring the expertise of our rope access team to deliver installation measures, such as ceiling voids of high bay buildings.
For convenience, all remedial works can be carried out on a fixed priced or day-by-day basis. As an additional benefit, where the full scope of the remedial work is feasible, we are able to offer our clients a performance guarantee.


Our team of acousticians are able to provide acoustic testing services across the UK. Once remedial works have been carried out, we can provide testing to confirm the works have been effective in improving the acoustic performance of your building.
Our full range of acoustic testing:

  • Party wall sound insulation test
  • Party floor sound insulation test
  • Floor impact sound insulation test
  • Indoor ambient noise level test
  • Internal building services noise test
  • External building services noise test
  • Reverberation test
  • Speech intelligibility test

Stroma Tech’s Remedial Acoustic Stopping Services

Our team of qualified consultants are located throughout the UK to deliver acoustic consultancy, installation measures and re-testing services. Our aim is to provide remedial acoustic and noise control solutions which enable you to enhance the acoustic performance of your building.

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