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In accordance with Building Regulations Approved Document Part L1a (2013), predicted Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions have been determined using government approved Stroma FSAP 2012 software.  Redbridge Borough Council has sustainability targets in relation to CO2 emissions for all residential developments.  The Local Development Framework – Core Strategy (March 2008) and the Sustainable Design and Construction SPD (adopted January 2012), state that residential developments must achieve a 35% reduction in CO2 emissions against Building Regulations Part L1a (2013) baseline.

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Stroma Tech delivered an energy strategy outlining how the developments would achieve a 35% reduction in CO2 emissions, following the London Plan 2015 energy hierarchy of ‘Lean, Clean, Green’.  (Energy statements were carried out on 3 of the 5 sites and SAP Calculations for all sites).

Stroma Tech provided production of 3D SAP models to ascertain baseline energy demand for the sites and a percentage reduction against each stage of the energy hierarchy to achieve an overall site CO2 reduction of 35% against Building Regulations Part L.


Redbridge Borough Council case study – download

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