We can provide the necessary reports to meet BREEAM requirements:

Policy 5 mandatory credits
SuDS additional credit

Flood Risk Assessments for BREEAM

We can provide the necessary reports to meet CfSH requirements:

SUR 1 (surface Runoff Assessment)
SUR 2 (Flood Risk Assessment)

Flood risk assessments for CODE

Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)

Flood risk assessments are required for planning applications on all change of use and new developments in areas of flood risk, where critical drainage problems exist, and all developments over 1 hectare.

The Flood Risk Assessment Report

The FRA must show what the flood risks are and how they could change, whether your project will increase flood risk and how you plan to manage any flood risk.

Flood Risk Assessment Method and Approach

  • Initial data gathering and review to include discussions of principle with major consultees to produce a constraints report
  • Detailed analysis and production of the FRA to accompany the planning application
  • Assistance with production of Sequential and Exception Test documentation if found to be necessary
  • Post Application discussions with the EA and LPA, and inputs to Appeal or Inquiry as necessary

All flood risk assessment reports are produced in line with the relevant planning policy – NPPF (England), SPP (Scotland) and TAN15 (Wales).

Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM

We can also provide the necessary reports to meet Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM requirements.

  • Code for Sustainable Homes SUR 1 (surface Runoff Assessment) and SUR 2 (Flood Risk Assessment)
  • BREEAM Policy 5 mandatory credits and SuDS additional credit



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