BREEAM Pre-assessments

Stroma Tech undertakes BREEAM Pre-assessments along with Energy Statements and Sustainability Statements to meet the validation stage of planning applications, and to demonstrate compliance with planning policy.

BREEAM Pre-assessments

We carry out certified interim assessments at RIBA stages 2 to 3 once the detailed drawings, calculations and specifications are made available. Our assessors provide advice on the elements that need to be incorporated into the detailed design and cost plan to achieve a required BREEAM rating.

BREEAM Credits

Local Authorities may set policy requirements and conditions that a project must achieve a minimum level of certification under the BREEAM methodology. To achieve a required rating, you must earn BREEAM credits through a variety of environmental elements, including:

The BREEAM Pre-Assessment Process

  1. An initial meeting with the design team to discuss the BREEAM criteria and to approve a score based on commitments made and information available.
  2. A period of time is set for the design team to review commitments made and an opportunity is given to respond to the assessor with any comments.
  3. Once the rating is agreed, a Stroma assessor will complete and issue the pre-assessment report.

Working with a Stroma BREEAM Assessor

Stroma Tech’s assessors are qualified to deliver full assessments and reporting, through to independent certification by BRE upon completion of the project. We can also assist with the completion of Sustainability Checklists, if required by the Local Authority.

Whether you need a pre-assessment for planning, feasibility or funding requirements, our assessors have the required levels of expertise to assist in achieving a required BREEAM rating.

BREEAM Pre-assessment Report

The pre-assessment report will consist of information on how the project will achieve its rating, based on the commitments made in the initial meetings.

Each report is prepared and tailored to meet individual sustainability policy requirements set by Local Authorities.


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