BREEAM Life Cycle Costing

Life Cycle Costing (LCC) is a methodology which allows the design team to predict and assess the cost performance of a built property throughout its life cycle. It enables the developer to determine the lowest overall cost of ownership whilst maintaining the building’s quality and function.

Why do you need an LCC assessment?

Life Cycle Costing is worth four valuable credits under the MAN02 section of BREEAM New Construction 2014.

It can provide a high level of strategic information which allows the design team to make informed and conscious decisions on capital investment.

LCC is also able to demonstrate how decreasing capital costs may not save money in the long term by drawing comparisons between capital cost and maintenance cost.


Life Cycle Costing should be completed as early as possible in the design process to maximise the outcome and ensure opportunities to positively influence the project can be taken.

Two credits are available for elemental life cycle costing and include the service life, maintenance and operation cost estimates. This is carried out at the equivalent of RIBA Stage 2 (Concept Design).

The third credit is for component level LCC analysis, carried out at RIBA Stage 4, and covers the building envelope, services and finishes. There is also a fourth credit for capital cost reporting.

Following completion of the LCC assessment by one of our qualified assessors, a meeting will be arranged to discuss the results and potential changes. A BREEAM compliant report will be provided at completion.

The LCC covers:

  • Capital costs
  • Parameters for present-value analysis
  • Life Cycle Cost calculation
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Application
  • Relevant codes and standards

Why Stroma Tech?

  • Qualified in-house assessors who are connected to the built environment and can offer an overall perspective on every decision
  • Able to undertake both elemental and component LCC
  • Assessments carried out in line with the ‘Standardised method of life cycle costing for construction procurement’ PD 156865:2008
  • Experienced in carrying out a full range of LCC across a variety of building types and industries
  • Nationwide coverage and support

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