Acoustic Consultancy

Stroma Tech undertakes a variety of acoustic consultancy services, capable of assisting projects from the initial stages of development, through to completion.

For assistance with:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Construction design and use of materials
  • Reducing overall build costs
  • Assessing the impact of noise and vibration
  • Achieving high levels of performance in sound insulation

Building Acoustics

On-site Design Reviews

An initial strategy review with the architects and design teams to ensure that compliance criteria’s are established and any risks are identified at the earliest opportunity.

Desktop Design Reviews

We provide an in-depth appraisal of architectural drawings to ensure compliance requirements are met and advice on potential improvements.

Preliminary Testing

We offer preliminary testing for both new and existing/refurbished buildings:

  • New Buildings – a comfort test is carried out to ensure developments are on track to meet required targets
  • Existing Buildings – a pre-test is undertaken to advise on any remedial works needed to meet targets

Environmental Acoustics

Noise Impact Assessments

Our consultants will complete an assessment to satisfy planning applications, and to advise and evaluate:

  • Existing noise levels in and around development sites
  • Noise impacting upon the development
  • Noise impact of the development on the surrounding area

Through innovative computer-based technology, calculations and predictions can be undertaken through:

  • Acoustic Modelling
  • Virtual Project Scenarios

Vibration Measurements

We can undertake vibration measurements to determine any potential impacts of vibration on a development. Our consultants can provide advice on how, if any, the sources of vibration may affect occupants or the buildings.

Pre-application Site Assessments

To assist with planning applications, we provide pre-application site assessments to ensure compliance with conditions. It may also be necessary to carry out these surveys to discharge a planning condition following planning approval being granted.

Post Completion Environmental Noise Measurements

For final compliance, we undertake a post completion assessment to ensure noise measurements are at the required level and compliance has been met.


Stroma Tech delivers support in achieving acoustic-related BREEAM credits under Hea 05 and Pol 05. Our consultants can provide assistance with:

  • Advice and guidance during the design stage
  • Assisting in meeting compliance requirements in acoustic performance
  • Predicting the likelihood of noise from fixed installations, to identify any risks
  • Post completion testing to determine if noise attenuation criteria’s are met


With nationwide Acoustic Engineers, Stroma Tech can keep lead times to a minimum and offer highly competitive fees for testing. To find out more, visit Acoustic Testing.

CPD Acoustic Testing & Design Seminars

To obtain detailed information on the fundamentals of Acoustics, why not take a look at our free CPD seminar.


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