Park View Care Home, Sheffield


A new build care home facility, providing 60 beds, associated communal areas and external landscaping.

The two storey building is of traditional construction, with heating and domestic hot water provided through a combination of air source heat pumps and natural gas boilers. 13.34% of the building’s overall energy load is from a renewable source.


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The site falls under the jurisdiction of Sheffield City Council; in order to comply with the Sheffield Development Framework Core Strategy for the city, the building was required to meet 10% of its energy requirement from renewable or low carbon sources, and incorporate design measures to achieve an overall CO2 saving of 20%. Stroma delivered a Renewable Energy Statement to demonstrate the building’s ability to satisfy these requirements.

Stroma completed energy calculations to demonstrate Part L compliance at both the As-Designed and As-Built stages. The building’s design pre-dated the 2010 Regulations and therefore we undertook the energy assessment under Part L 2006 standards.

We also provided air testing services in-house in order to verify the building’s air permeability rating; the Client aimed to exceed the requirements of Part L in order to contribute to the required reduction in CO2.

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Park View Care Home, Sheffield
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