CDM Services

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) are a set of guidelines enforcing health and safety duties on all UK projects, throughout the design, maintenance and construction of buildings.

Why do you need CDM services?

The regulations aim to improve health and safety within the construction industry by helping to:

  • Plan any project sensibly so the risks involved are managed effectively, from start to finish
  • Ensuring the right people are hired for the right job, at the right time
  • Coordinate any projects with the relevant people
  • Document the right information about the risks and how they are being managed
  • Communicate the information effectively to those who need to know
  • Consult and engage with workers about the risks and how they are being managed

The regulations cover the duties of clients for all construction projects, including the health and safety duties and roles of other duty holders, comprising of designers, principal designers, principal contractors and contractors.

Failure to comply with the duties outlined within The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 can result in a criminal prosecution.

How can Stroma Tech help?

Stroma Tech provides CDM related services across a broad spectrum of construction sectors through the following services:

Client CDM Advisor

The Client CDM Advisor provides a health and safety advisory service to the client, assisting them in fulfilling their role by:

  • Assisting with the client brief and selection process, ensuring relevant surveys are commissioned
  • Collating relevant pre-construction information and making sure it is communicated to all roles
  • Ensuring relevant management arrangements are in place and remain relevant (site audits)
  • Undertaking construction phase plan reviews and managing the notification process
  • Ensuring principal designers and contractors comply with their duties
  • Managing the production and issuing of the Health and Safety File

Principal Designer CDM Advisor

The Principal Designer is responsible for the pre-construction phase of projects with more than one contractor, and is appointed by the client to plan, manage, monitor and coordinate health and safety effectively.

The Principal Designer Advisor provides CDM consultancy services to the appointed Principal Designer, or can act as a sub-consultant to fulfil the Principal Designer role on their behalf.

Contractor CDM Advisor

The CDM Advisor supports Contractors/ Principal Contractors, assisting them with:

  • Fulfilling the client CDM duties if they are working for domestic clients
  • The preparation and production of construction phase plans (required for all construction projects, including domestic client work)
  • Fire plans, risk assessments and method statements
  • Any legal requirements to provide information, instruction, training and supervision
  • Workers training needs and assessing against the needs of the job
  • Helping employers to meet the gap in skills and knowledge through appropriate training

Why Stroma Tech for your CDM services?

Our in-house Chartered Health and Safety Consultants are members of IOSH (CMIOSH) and the OSCHR Register.

Through our experienced and knowledgeable staff at Stroma Tech, we provide a range of services including, Client CDM Advisors, Principal Designer CDM Advisors, and Contractor CDM Advisors, assisting client’s to comply with The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015.

Our team is also qualified to provide the following training:

  • Bespoke training to clients, contractors and designers on the requirements of The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015
  • Duty holders compliance and best practice, including how to implement their duties
  • Guidance on how designers should identify hazards and assess risks

Furthermore, we offer risk assessments, site inspections, and method statements to complement any construction project.

Contact Stroma Tech For CDM

If you require assistance with CDM or would like further details on the CDM services available from Stroma Tech, contact our team today.

Complementary services

Stroma Tech also offer a range of complementary Health and Safety Services including:


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