Forster Green AMHI


Farrans Healthcare made clear from the outset their intention to hand over a building with an air permeability rate of 5 m3/( @50Pa or less.

With that in mind, Stroma chaired an initial design workshop, where the principals to ensure delivery of this target were established. The air barrier strategy was discussed, and the interfaces between the packages and responsibility for delivering them on site agreed.




Air tightness testing – site audits

Over the course of a 65 week programme, Stroma undertook a series of site audits to ensure that the principals agreed are being implemented on site.

Stroma also worked with Farrans on Altnagelvin and Craigavon Hospitals and is an active member of the FMP (Farrans, H J Martin and Patton Construction) consortium for the Belfast Schools Project.

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Forster Green AMHI
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