Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)

The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented) Property Regulations 2015 set out Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) for all privately rented properties.

From the 1st April 2018, non-domestic landlords in England and Wales will be unable to grant new leases, or renewals and extensions to existing leases for any buildings with an EPC rating of F or G.

It is estimated that approximately 20% of non-domestic rented properties in England and Wales currently fail to meet the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards.

Whether you are a non-domestic landlord, tenant, property or managing agent, Stroma Tech can work with you to analyse property stock against the risk of non-compliance.

Any properties which fail to meet the MEES immediately, or represent a risk at the end of their current lease, can be assessed by Stroma Tech, providing a prioritised improvement plan to reduce the risks.

By engaging with Stroma Tech early, we can provide the support to prevent disruption to your business and avoid financial and reputational penalties.

MEES Services

As a market leader in building compliance and energy auditing, Stroma Tech can assist with identifying risks around your property portfolio.

Our 4 stage comprehensive approach provides all the support you’ll require to be MEES compliant:

    STAGE 1
    STAGE 2
    STAGE 3
    STAGE 4

    Simply provide us with the addresses, floor areas and lease expiry dates for your property portfolio(s), and we will perform a risk assessment against each property. Our sister company, Stroma Software, has developed a lookup database for UK commercial properties which allows us to assess potential EPC rating risks against the new regulations:

    • Review of existing EPC ratings and renewal dates
    • Prioritised MEES risk assessment, highlighting properties requiring urgent action, intermediate risks and risk free
    • A comprehensive fee quote for MEES assessments across ‘at risk’ properties

    In accordance with the MEES Regulations, Stroma Tech shall complete bespoke assessments for each ‘at risk’ property.

    • Updated draft EPC rating (as existing)
    • Review of ‘relevant’ improvement measures
    • Cost effectiveness review (simple payback)
    • Summary of ‘required improvement actions’, including approximate costs of works

    We can provide a portfolio wide summary of works required in order to be fully compliant with the regulations.

    Our report will provide an effective summary of:

    • All improvement works required, on a property-by-property basis
    • Cost/benefit calculations to support business case decisions
    • Exemptions and exceptions to the regulations (including supporting evidence, as required to prove compliance)

    Properties may be exempt from the regulations, but proving and evidencing these exemptions is an imperative part of the assessment process.

    Stroma Tech’s experts can ensure you are fully compliant with the MEES Regulations, even where your properties fail to meet the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards.

Our expert MEES team is here to help

Whether it is recommendation of relevant improvement measures, risk assessments of properties, or management of PRS exemptions, Stroma Tech are well placed to help landlords be fully compliant and avoid costly and reputable damages, including penalties and/or a loss of rental income.

To meet MEES timelines and for advice on the next steps, contact Stroma Tech today to discuss how we can best assist on 0845 621 22 22, or email



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