Energy Reduction

Reduce your Energy Consumption – Become Energy Efficient

Our phased approach to energy reduction in existing commercial buildings aims to maximise running cost improvements for the lowest capital investment.

Furthermore, our expert knowledge of available funding for energy efficiency schemes and energy reduction measures in businesses will minimise the need for upfront capital investment.


Phased Approach to energy efficiency


  • Carry out an initial energy and building fabric survey
  • Carry out a detailed energy analysis using predictive simulation modelling
  • Develop a bespoke energy strategy to reduce energy demand

Energy Reduction Measures

  • Improve energy efficiency through low tech fabric solutions
  • Reduce energy consumption through optimising controls
  • Make occupant behavioural improvements
  • Install low or zero carbon renewable technologies

Funding for energy efficiency improvements

  • Identify available funding and co-ordinate applications

Project Management

  • Co-ordinate the implementation of energy reduction measures

Monitoring and measurement

  • Ongoing monitoring of energy consumption and measure of energy efficiency savings


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