Energy Brokering and Bureau Consultancy Services

The energy market can be volatile, fuelled by fluctuating costs and a huge number of possible energy providers.


Stroma Tech – expert energy brokers

Stroma assists building managers in negotiating this unpredictable market to drive down energy costs.  Our expert energy brokers understand energy market drivers and will identify the most appropriate contract type for your business.  As an agent of all the major energy companies, we have access to the most competitive energy rates available on the market.

Energy Bureau Services

We also provide a complete energy bureau service – an automatic monitoring and targeting system with contract optimisation and coordination of invoicing.  We administrate energy contracts efficiently and dependably, to allow clients to focus on running their business.

Our Energy Brokering and Energy Bureau service includes:

  • Cost effective energy procurement
  • Coordination of the contract process and billing validation
  • Intelligent energy reporting
  • Smart Metering
  • Reduce energy usage and reduce costs!


Here you will find some of our case studies.
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