Room Integrity Testing

In rooms protected by gaseous fire suppression systems, room integrity testing, a form of air-tightness testing, is vital.


About Room Integrity Testing

A room integrity test checks the ability of the enclosure to retain an effective concentration of gas, which is critical to the safe operation of the system. It is a requirement upon installation, and as a minimum once a year thereafter. The benefits of this are widely recognised by insurers and regulatory authorities.

Stroma Tech’s expert testers have experience of testing all types and sizes of enclosure, from server rooms in offices to gas turbine halls in power stations. Stroma Tech also provide full air pressure testing services.


Choose Stroma Tech for Room Integrity Testing

  • There will be little disruption to normal working practices.
  • All testing carried out to the required BS EN 15004 or NFPA 2001 methodologies.
  • All necessary volumetric calculations completed prior to the test, to deliver an immediate onsite result.
  • In the event of failure, we locate and record air leakage sites using localised smoke testing.
  • Provide a full report, incorporating all test data, air leakage diagnosis and air leakage certification.
  • If required, we can arrange for any necessary remedial air sealing.



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