Monitoring and Evaluation of Building Performance

Stroma Tech can work with you to develop a bespoke property monitoring and evaluation strategy for your project.  As well as monitoring energy, heat and water consumption, other services such as air tightness testing and coheating testing can be used to determine a whole house heat loss rate.

Common Monitoring and Evaluation Criteria

Post-construction stage (pre-handover)

  • Fabric Performance
  • Heat Loss Rate (through Coheating Test)

Occupancy Stage

  • Occupancy Levels and Use Patterns
  • Weather Data
  • Thermal Environment
  • External Openings
  • Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation
  • Energy Use/Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  • Energy Audit (DomEARM)
  • Water Consumption

Monitoring and Evaluation Protocols

Post-Construction Stage (Pre-Handover)

  • Install and test all monitoring equipment.
  • Complete co-heating test-to-test fabric heat loss and carry out additional diagnostic testing where necessary.
  • Air-tightness test before and after co-heating test.

Occupancy stage

  • Measure all energy, heat and water consumption in homes and establish whether homes are performing as expected
  • Assess the performance of homes from the user perspective
  • Carry out more detailed tests on home technologies (MVHR, wind, PV, solar thermal, heat pump) on proportion of new homes
  • Compare performance of different house types
  • Monitor the strategy in order to refine and improve the approach


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