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Stroma Tech was recently appointed by Miller Construction to undetake the air-tightness testing and consultancy of award-winning Beaumont Leys Secondary School, Leicester.

Beaumont Leys was the first of four schools to partake in Leicester’s £235M Building Schools for the Future (BSF) funding framework. Designed to an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM standard, the new-build incorporates the use of biomass boilers, heat exchange, below ground drainage attenuation and other energy conservation technologies.

As an exemplary example of the positive impact of sustainable design within the community, it was crucial that Beaumont Leys achieved an air-tightness result of 5m3/hr.m2 @ 50 Pa.


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Stroma Tech was therefore employed by Miller Construction to provide the necessary design advice and consultation for attaining this target. Stroma Tech’s initial step was to conduct a comprehensive design review of the development, leading to the establishment of an over-arching air-barrier design strategy. After this, Stroma Tech performed a detailed on-site audit inspections of the development, during key intervals of the construction plan. Our experienced air-tightness consultants spent a day at a time on site, reviewing relevant air barrier details and producing illustrated reports in order to assess the ongoing performance of the building, and feed back the observations to Miller Construction. Prior to the final test, Stroma visited the site to ensure all pre-test preperations were complete. Upon confirmation that the school was ready, Stroma Tech performed a UKAS accredited air-tightness test.

Stroma Tech’s appointment from the early stage of construction led to the school achieving a compliance result of 4.74m3/hr.m2 @ 50Pa. Being an outstanding sustainable building, the school has won ‘Best BSF School’ and ‘Grand Prix Award for Best Overall BSF Project’ in the 2009 BSF Excellence Awards.

Stroma Tech was employed by Miller Construction for all the Leicester BSF projects, including Soar Valley College, which was shortlisted for ‘Best Use of Outside Space’ and ‘Innovation in PE & Sport’ in the BSF Awards.


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