BREEAM Assessment Criteria

BREEAM sets best practice targets for the efficiency and environmental performance of new build and refurbishment projects.

BREEAM Assessors such as Stroma Tech, are trained to support all stages of the BREEAM assessment, from pre-assessment to post construction, to help ensure the desired rating of BREEAM is achieved for the overall project.

To determine the BREEAM rating, each building development is assessed across 10 BREEAM categories of certain criteria. In each category, there are minimum criteria that must be achieved, and additional credits can be made for specific innovations. These BREEAM credits are then combined to produce a single overall score and rating: Unclassified, Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent and Outstanding.


The BREEAM Categories

There are a total of 10 BREEAM categories which a building’s performance is assessed against:

Management (MAN)

Responsible management practices are encouraged to ensure that sustainability objectives are followed throughout the operation of the building. Sustainability should be embedded from the initial design stage through to the appropriate provision of aftercare.

To gain credits under MAN01 Project Brief & Design and MAN03 Responsible Construction Practices, it is recommended to appoint a BREEAM Accredited Professional to act as “Sustainability Champion”.  Your sustainability champion can provide guidance from the early stages of the design process and monitor site activities.


Health & Wellbeing (HEA)

This category encourages the increased comfort, health and safety and quality of life of occupants, visitors and others in the vicinity.

Stroma Tech can provide a range of services such as Acoustic Design Advice, Thermal Modelling and Daylight Calculations to gain credits in this BREEAM category; specifically – HEA 01 Visual Comfort, HEA 04 Thermal Comfort, HEA 05 Acoustic Performance.


Energy (ENE)

Sustainable and efficient energy use should be used throughout building developments. BREEAM Credits are awarded for steps taken to improve the management of the energy efficiency of the building, including reduced energy use and carbon emissions.


Transport (TRA)

Building developers and designers are encouraged to provide access to sustainable means of transport, including public transport and alternative solutions such as cyclist facilities. This supports the reduction of congestion and carbon emissions.


Water (WAT)

Sustainable water use in the operation of the building and its site is rewarded. BREEAM assesses the building development’s water monitoring including consumption, leak detection and the use of efficient equipment.


Materials (MAT)

This category encourages steps to reduce the impact of construction materials throughout design, construction, maintenance and repair. Where possible, materials should be durable, resilient, sourced responsibly and have a low embodied impact throughout extraction, processing, manufacture and recycling.


Waste (WST)

Construction waste and maintenance and repair waste of the building should be sustainably managed. Developments should aim to reduce waste, divert away from landfill and consider climate changes throughout the design to reduce the need to make wasteful future amendments.


Land Use & Ecology (LE)

Credits will be awarded for sustainable land use, habitat and ecological protection and long-term biodiversity improvement for the building and its surrounding land.


Pollution (POL)

This category encourages the prevention and control of pollution and surface water run-off. The building should have a reduced impact on light pollution, noise pollution, flooding and emissions to surrounding air, land and water.

Stroma Tech can assist with flood risk assessments, surface water management reports and noise impact assessments as required for POL 03 Surface water run-off and POL 05 reduction of noise pollution


Innovation (INN)

There are opportunities throughout a BREEAM assessment for exemplary performances and innovations that go beyond, or are not included within, the credit criteria requirements to be recognised for extra credit.


Find out more about BREEAM and Stroma Tech’s BREEAM assessment service here.

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