Air Quality Assessments

Air Quality Assessments are vital in the planning phase of a project and to meet Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) targets. These services are provided by our sister company, HRS Services. Our specialist services are delivered for both residential and large scale developments.

What is the legislation?

Local authorities are required to determine the impact of air quality on developments during the planning phase of all projects. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) states that the presence of Air Quality Management Areas is a key requirement (see also the London Councils Air Quality and Planning Guidance).

The legislation suggests that in areas of poor air quality a development may impact on the air quality of the surrounding area. Under these circumstances an air quality assessment should be included as part of the planning application. The air quality assessment can sometimes be considered during post planning as a reserved matter. Where the development also includes a biomass boiler, CHP plant and/or a large car park, many local authorities will also stipulate the requirement for an air quality assessment.

“Air Quality Neutral” assessments can also be provided in line with the requirements of the London Plan for major new developments in London (Following publication of the London Plan and the Mayor of London’s Sustainable Design and Control Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)). These compare building and transport emissions over a year with a benchmarked emission rate.

Air Quality Assessments by HRS Services

Our colleagues at HRS Services include expert air quality consultants with specialist knowledge of air quality assessments for planning and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) purposes.

By engaging our expert team, you will receive a thorough assessment which looks at environmental impacts during the construction and operation of a development. We follow air quality guidance criteria and UK air quality objectives to provide a client report.

If the environmental impacts are significant we can also recommend measures to mitigate them. These consider reductions to emissions, exposure risks in areas of poor air quality and the local air quality around the development.

We can also support clients with planning applications through communication and liaison with local authorities regarding the air quality assessment.

Request a quote for Air Quality Assessments

To discuss your project with our air quality assessment team and receive a quote, please call HRS Services on 0800 030 4391, email or visit their website.


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